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Detection center

Detection center


We have a complete set of physical and chemical testing equipment

and a first-class quality management team. Sound organization and

advanced testing equipment and perfect testing methods effectively

guarantee the perfect testing ability of all levels.


The company always adhered to the principle of quality first, determined to improve the quality of the whole staff, optimize the production process, and

strengthen the quality management. The company strictly implements the IS09000 management system. Quality control runs through every link of supply,

production process and after sales service, ensuring that products and services are in a controlled state.


In 2008, it was assessed by the quality and technology center of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association as a class a inspection

agency. In 2012, it was approved by the Zhejiang provincial business office

to grant the Zhejiang provincial  agricultural textile export base and

the"public testing and testing platform" for the three gate County belt

export base.




Three dimensional testing center under the V belt fatigue chamber, length

measuring chamber, chemical analysis room, fast check room, aging room,

rheological analysis room, laboratory, room, fatigue strength of flame-

retardant conveyor belt department and other more than 10 departments,

with electronic tensile machine Taiwan high twell company,


No rotor vulcanizer and other international leading detection equipment,

it can detect more than 100 items, such as raw material analysis, semi-

finished product control, finished product physical properties and so on.

The testing and verifying ability is always leading in the domestic rubber